No creation can come without destruction.







圣母院失火的前几天,我正好跟巴黎室友在讨论《薄伽梵歌》中,湿婆神与大黑天所象征的创造与毁灭的宇宙循环法则,他说:“But no creation can come without destruction.”言犹在耳,隔天晚上圣母院就失火了。


“I think you might have felt it already…

Several days ago we talked about the eternal cycle of destruction and creation in “Bhagavad Gita”, and the next day Notre Dame was burned, just before Easter Day in Holy Week. Do you remember the fire ceremonies we did before? We offered valuable grain in the fire, and that wasn’t a waste. That was a meaningful burning, like the fire of sacrifice and offer, and so was the fire disaster of Notre Dame.

Last November you mentioned you felt there was a sort of dark force wanted to knock your country down, but these days when I meditated, I felt a lot of love. I think Notre Dame really guarded this land for a very long time and it supported your country in its own way. I know it’s a bit shocked and sad for you, but still it’s not a bad thing. Imagine it offers itself, and the dark force and so much discordant energy were purified in this fire. I believe your country will be safer and more peaceful in the next centuries.”




Everything is impermanent, we live, and we die.